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Hi, Patrick here! I was the original author of Waltz during my time with WorldStage. This is an archive of the content originally available at and It is archived here as WorldStage has announced they are ceasing operations, and this information may be of historical interest. Download links throughout are most likely broken and many other links may also be broken. I'm working on providing an archive of the publicly available builds of Waltz I am aware of and downloaded over the years, but without a license key many of they are probably not of very much use to most folks anyways. None the less, it is important to me to document as much of this as possible lest it all be lost to the sands of time.

IMPORTANT: Please read our statement regarding support starting March 23, 2020 and effective until further notice.

Welcome to Waltz, WorldStage's node-based flexible show control platform for lighting, video, and more.


Fundamental Installing · User Interface · (Demo) Comparing Random Numbers · Nodes · Expressions · Types · (Demo) The Documentation · (Demo) An Interactive Floor
Intermediate So, It Didn't Work… · Scripting · SensorLink Activations · Scenes · (Demo) Making a Scene with Touches · Media Server Control · (Demo) A Simple Watchout Controller
Special Topics Creating External Scenes by Hand · Creating External Scenes with Hype


Devices ArtNet Input · ArtNet Output · Interactive LED Processor · NDI™ Input · NDI™ Output · OSC Input · OSC Output · Projector · SensorLink · TCP · TUIO Output · UDP Input · UDP Output · Watchout Media Server
Objects LED Tile Layout · List · Map · Random Number · Simulated Touch · Timer · Value · Wave
Operators Blend · Change · Clip · Cluster Tracker · DMX Multiverse Merge · Ease · Filter · Hold · JSON Mapper · JSON Stringify · Logic · Math · Proximity · Range · Rotate · Scale · Shear · Smooth · Touch Mapper · Translate
Scenes External Scene · Material Scene
Materials Graph · Touch Material
Scripting Script Function · Script
Comments Comment


Primitives Boolean · Number · String
Objects Color · Dimension · DmxMultiverse · DmxUniverse · LocalInterface · Material · Point · RemoteAddress/IP · Scene · Time · Touch
Node Specific NdiSource · WoControlCue · WoHitTestResult · WoTimeline
Collections List · List of Lists · Map · Varargs
Special Any · Consumer · Expression · Null · Void


Expressions and Scripting
Concepts Script Expressions · JavaScript
Fundamentals Constructors · Functions · Grammar · Operations · Outputs · Parameters · Referencing Nodes
Advanced Topics Flow Control · Consumer Functions · Loops and Iterations · Reference Chains
Errors Recursion · Script Exceptions · Syntax Errors · Try and Catch