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The Range node allows you to re-range a number from an input range to a new output range. Output can be clamped, unclamped, ping-pong, or cyclical to facilitate a wide range of uses.


Expected Type Details Default
input Number or List<Number> The value, or list of values, that will be re-ranged.
Mode The mode the re-range. Available options are Unclamped where the input and output can exceed their given ranges, Clamped where the input and output will always be treated as in their range, and will be rounded to the nearest in-range value if they are not, Cyclical where exceeding the input range will loop around to the beginning of the output range continuously, and Ping Pong which is similar to cyclical but where the value bounces back and forth inside the range. Unclamped
inputRangeMinimum Number The minimum input value to be considered in range. 0
inputRangeMaximum Number The maximum input value to be considered in range. 255
outputRangeMinimum Number The minimum output value to be considered in range. 0
outputRangeMaximum Number The maximum output value to be considered in range. 1


Type Details
output Number or List<Number> Note: The parameter is read-only. The re-ranged calculated from the provided input. If there is more than one input, the output is a List, otherwise it is a single Number.


No functions are exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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