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The WoHitTestResult type represents an attempt at checking collision between interactive media an a point in a show running on a Watchout Media Server node. Per Dataton's documentation, this command gets information about the frontmost, visible and interactive media cue that intersects the point given (in stage pixels). The Z dimension of the provided point is ignored. To make a media cue interactive it needs an interaction name specified, which can be done under the Advanced tab of the Media Cue dialog. The reply message contains, among other things, this interaction name, if an interactive media cue was hit.


You can not create WoHitTestResult object, it can only be the result of calling hitTest(…) on a Watchout Media Server node.


Type Details
hit Boolean Note: The parameter is read-only. true if there was a hit, otherwise false.
interactionName String Note: The parameter is read-only. The interaction name set on the media cue, if there was a hit, otherwise an empty string.
position Point Note: The parameter is read-only. The position on the Watchout stage of the hit interactive cue, or 0, 0, 0 if the hit test missed.


WoHitTestResult does not define any functions.

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