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The NDI Output Node allows you to create an NDI video stream from a Material or List of Materials. Streams are available for consumption by any number of devices. You may find that additional NDI streams whose names are prefixed with wzndi_ are also broadcast from Waltz. These internal streams are used to transmit video to and from other devices in an efficient manner, and can not be controlled by the user.

All NDI video streams from Waltz are output as RGB streams with alpha (ARGB). Streaming with transparency requires that your backgroundColor be at least partially transparent.. Waltz does not support audio output over NDI.

Note that changing the streamName or dimensions will result in the stream being closed and reopened in order to facilitate the change.


Expected Type Details Default
materials List<Material> A material or list of materials that should be flattened and sent as part of the NDI stream.
streamName String The name of the NDI stream. "Waltz Output"
dimensions Dimension The dimensions, in pixels, of the NDI stream. Dimension(1920.0, 1080.0)
backgroundColor Color The background color of the NDI stream. Color(0, 0, 0)


There are no parameters exposed by this node.


There are no functions exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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