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Functions are pieces of code that you can execute by calling them. They sometimes require parameters to perform their function, and sometimes return a value back from their execution.

A Color object, for example has a method called brighter than can be called with the following syntax:

Color(92, 92, 92).brighter();

Notice that even though there are no parameters required by the brighter function, the opening and closing parenthesis are still required. The brighter function in this example is returning a Color object that is brighter than the Color upon which the function was called.

Nodes also can provide functions. The OSC Output Node, for example, provides a send function that takes a value that you want to send via OSC and uses the properties of that node to send the value, as in the following example:


In this example, we send a single parameter, 99, to the destination OSC device that the node already defined. There is not return value from this function.

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