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The LocalInterface type represents a network interface on the local machine, stored in such a way that it can represent that same network on multiple machines. LocalInterfaces are typically expressed using the network address such that an interface with address would be represented by its network address of A LocalInterface can also be expressed as an explicit IP address on the local machine, but this is less portable between machines.

There is also one special LocalInterface, the wildcard interface, which tells Waltz to choose the best network interface for the context. In nodes with a RemoteAddress/IP parameter, the local network interface will be the network interface in the same subnet as the remote device. For nodes that receive unicast data, you should configure this to listen on the correct network interface.

Receiving Broadcast Traffic

Any node that receives broadcast network traffic must be attached to the Automatic local interface in order to receive messages on macOS, Linux, and other *nix based systems. This is the result of a fundamental networking difference between those operating systems and Windows-based systems. Sending of broadcast messages, as well as sending and receiving unicast messages are not affected. See Platform Dependent Networking Quirks for more information.


LocalInterface(address) String address - The network address for or the IP address assigned to a local network interface.


Type Details
address String The local IP address of the network interface, or if this is a wildcard interface. You can also assign a network address to this value, and Waltz will attempt to resolve it to a network address.
networkAddress String Note: The parameter is read-only. The underlying network address for this LocalInterface. If the LocalInterface was created using an explicit IP address that does not have a local network interface backing it on your machine, the networkAddress parameter will simply return that IP address.


Arguments Returns Details
equals(li) LocalInterface li - A LocalInterface against which to compare equality. Boolean Compares two LocalInterfaces to determine if they represent the same local network interface.
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