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The TUIO Output allows you to send TUIO data from Waltz based on current Touch data.. This node uses one of the standard nine TUIO profiles to send Touches from Waltz to remote computers to be used as input for multitouch or other interactive software.

Each profile provides a different subset of information, and some properties are not relevant to Waltz, and are therefor not populated with real values.


Expected Type Details Default
localInterface LocalInterface The local network interface over which TUIO messages will be sent. LocalInterface("")
remoteAddress RemoteAddress/IP The device that should be receiving the TUIO messages. This can be a unicast or broadcast address. IP("", 10001)
Profile TUIO Profile The message profiles that should be used when sending TUIO data to the remoteAddress. Information about the available profiles can be found in the TUIO Protocol Documentation. 2D Cursor
touches List<Touch> The touches that will be continuously send from this node.
normalizationDimensions Dimension The dimensions of the virtual screen in which TUIO data will be sent. Touches outside these bounds will be discarded. Dimension(1920.0, 1080.0)


There are no parameters exposed by this node.


There are no functions exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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