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The Map node allows you to create key-value pair lists, also known as Maps. Maps let you create sets of data, similar to a List Node or List, but allow you to associate a key, or name, with each entry in the list. Maps are used in Waltz when data needs to be labeled, such as one type of input into a OSC Output Node or the output of a OSC Input Node.

The way in which entries are added and changed in a map has changed starting with Waltz v1.1.x. Existing Map nodes will have their Keys and Values properties automatically updated to be part of the new Entries property.

Note that the order of items in a map is not fixed, and you may find that, after closing and reopening your show file, entires in the map are no longer in the same order. This is not a bug, simply a side-effect of maps not having a fixed order. The keys and their values will still line up with each other when closing and reopening the show file.

Most objects passed between nodes in Waltz can be interrogated like a Map. See Map for more information.


Expected Type Details Default
Entries Text, Any Note: This value is not represented by an Expression. A set of keys (represented as Strings) that map to values (represented as Expressions). The right-hand field for the value can be any valid expression, and the left-hand field is always text (not an Expression).


Type Details
map Map<Any> Note: The parameter is read-only. The map constructed from the provided keys and values.


There are no functions exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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