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The Smoother node is used to introduce smoothing to a List of Numbers, Points, and/or Touches. The output List will be in the same order as the input List. The smoothing of values requires that the values you wish to smooth remain in the same order in the list, otherwise the value may not be able to be smoothed between frames. Points and Touches smooth each of their axises (and in the case of a Touch, its radius as well) independently of each other.


Expected Type Details Default
input List<Number, Point, Touch> The value or List of values that are to be smoothed. The order of items is used to associate new values with only values for the purpose of smoothing.
smoothingFactor Number The factor by which a value will be smoothed. Smoothing is expressed as 1.0 / smoothingFactor. The calculated result is used as a percentage of trust to be placed in the new value, so a higher smoothingFactor will result in smoother output values, but will take longer to reach any given value. This value must be greater than or equal to 1.0, otherwise 1.0 is substituted. A value of 1.0 indicates no smoothing should be applied. 16


Type Details
output List<Number, Point, Touch> Note: The parameter is read-only.The smoothed output of the input values. Values that can not be smoothed will instead be represented by a Null entry in the list. This List will be in the same order as the input List.


There are no functions exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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