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The Material type represents graphical data that is output from various nodes, and can be sent over the network using an NDI™ Output Node or other used with other nodes that need graphical data to function.

Internally, Waltz has two types of materials. The first type of material is a drawn material, which is rendered at the last possible moment. These materials have the advantage of being able to apply transforms and other operators to them without incurring a performance penalty for rendering twice. These materials are also easily sent over the network to Scenes by sending instructions on how to recreate their content over the network instead of sending the full raster.

The second type of material in Waltz is backed by an actual raster of pixels, and does not benefit from any of the performance gains described above. These materials also current do not support being sent over the network, but this is planned to change in a future version of Waltz.

These two types of materials are managed transparently, and when necessary converted in a lossless manner. The only difference between the two types is the performance optimizations present in the first type.

Materials will always contain the origin of the coordinate system 0, 0, so their dimensions may be larger than their perceived size.


There are no constructors exposed by this type. Some nodes expose this type as an output.


Type Details
dimensions Dimension Note: The parameter is read-only. The dimensions of the material, in pixels. This may change on subsequent calls if the material changes in such a way that it draws a larger or smaller area.


There are no functions exposed by this type.

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