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Script Expressions are snippets of JavaScript code that Waltz interprets to get a value or that Waltz executes to perform an action of the user's definition.

Most parameters on a Node will technically be a script expression that Waltz expects to provide a specific type in return. Each node documents its parameters and the type that is expected to result from evaluating the script expression.

Script expressions support accessing other parameters and outputs of nodes and types via their specific Parameters, Outputs, and Constructors, or by Referencing Nodes. Script expressions can also use the techniques described in Flow Control to change their value depending on some other state of your show.

A Script Exception, Recursion, or a Syntax Error will all prevent a value from being retrieved from a script expression.

Expressions and Scripting
Concepts Script Expressions · JavaScript
Fundamentals Constructors · Functions · Grammar · Operations · Outputs · Parameters · Referencing Nodes
Advanced Topics Flow Control · Consumer Functions · Loops and Iterations · Reference Chains
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