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IMPORTANT: Please read our statement regarding support starting March 23, 2020 and effective until further notice.

Waltz is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can be downloaded from the links below. Be sure to select the correct link for your computer, and take note of any additional required downloads that may be necessary for your platform.

Current Release – v1.2.0
Windows (x64) Download Waltz v1.2.0 for Windows (.exe, ~125MB) Includes all prerequisites in installer Windows 10 LTSB 2016 or Windows 10 (1903)
macOS (x64) Download Waltz v1.2.0 for macOS (.zip, ~80MB) Requires CodeMeter Runtime macOS Catalina 10.15.3 or later
Linux* (x64) Download Waltz v1.2.0 for Linux (.zip, ~80MB) Requires CodeMeter Runtime CentOS 7 (refer to Release Notes for complete details.)
Find out what's new in v1.2.0…

*Linux support is currently experimental and should not be considered stable for production use.

Looking for a utility to configure hardware with which Waltz interacts?

Several configuration utilities, including those for the NovaStar MCTRL510 processor and the Coolux SensorLink box, are available as part of the Waltz Hardware Tools package.

Older Versions

You can browse the full collection of released Waltz versions in the download archive.

Pre-release Versions

You can browse the full collection of pre-release Waltz versions in the pre-release archive.

WARNING: As the phrase "pre-release versions" would suggest, these versions of Waltz should not be used on shows unless specifically instructed to do so. We may ask you to help verify that an issue has been solved in a pre-release build.