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The WoTimeline type represents a timeline that can be controlled as part of a Watchout Media Server node. Each timeline has a unique name, and the Watch Media Server node itself is, in addition to being a node, a WoTimeline object.


While you can not create a WoTimeline from nothing, every Watchout Media Server node provides a timelineNamed(…) function that allows you to get a timeline for that Watchout instance with the given name. You can then use all of the properties and functions documented below to control that specific timeline on the Watchout Media Server node that created the timeline reference for you.


Type Details
currentTime Time The current playhead position of the main timeline in Watchout. Setting this value to a new time will seek the playhead to the new time.
playing Boolean true if the main timeline is currently playing, otherwise false. Setting this value controls the playing state of the main timeline.
active Boolean true if the main timeline is playing, or if the playhead is not at 0 seconds. Setting this value to true for the main timeline has no effect, but setting it to false will stop the main timeline and return the playhead to 0 seconds.
currentCue String or WoControlCue Note: The parameter is write-only. It can not be directly read. The current cue being executed or having finished executing in Watchout. This can only be set directly, to either a String or a WoControlCue. To get the current cue, you must use the special getCurrentCue(…) function, which takes a Consumer that will receive the current cue. This behavior is the result of getting the current cue being a non-trivial task for a value that may not be readily available. See the function documentation for more details.
timelineName String Note: The parameter is read-only. For the main timeline, always returns an empty string. This value is present for parity with the WoTimeline type where it returns the name of the timeline being manipulated.


Arguments Returns Details
getCurrentCue(consumer) Consumer<WoControlCue> consumer - The function that will process the cue when it is returned. Void Get the current control cue from Watchout. This will be the closest previous cue on the timeline from the current playhead position, similar to how lighting consoles report cues. If the playhead is paused at the exact position of a control cue, the closest previous control cue on the timeline is returned. Because of this behavior, multiple properties have to be compared and processed before a value can be passed to the provided Consumer.
getCues(consumer) Consumer<List<WoControlCue>> consumer - The function that will process the list of cues when they are returned. Void Get all the cues from the main timeline. Because multiple layers must be processed this function takes an indeterminate amount of time to run, and therefore requires a consumer to be provided to handle the eventual results. This prevents the entire show from waiting for cues to be determined, and instead defers the processing.
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